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Do you know that 80% of customers believe that personalization has certain impact on their buying decision? This data is as per the latest report by Teradata.

Consumers are always looking for relevant communication and personalized shopping experience. Digital trend, says that 73% of the consumers pick those brands who use personal information to boost their shopping experience. Location based technologies and analytical solutions can assist you to deliver a better customer experience.

Location based technologies (LBT) are getting more popular because they are targeted to a more focused group, with a local appeal. However, the growing market for location based technology generates numerous opportunities for the consumers.

For instance you went to your favorite store to purchase an item. You didn’t have to search much because all the details were buzzing in your phone. And to make things perfect you could dodge the long que because the amount got deducted automatically from your account based on the card details you had saved last time with the store. Doesn’t this simplify things for you, increasing the overall customer experience. All this was achieved through location-based technology in the store.

We are fast moving towards commercialization and retailers are going digital to build a better and more loyal customer base. According to a recent report published in, today, 74% of smartphone users use a location-based service.

The demand for faster connectivity indicates that people are looking for stronger networks that helps them connect in a more intuitive manner with their needs. As today LBS are used in numerous kind of settings such as indoor object search, entertainment, work, personal life, health, etc., the expectations are high that it will reach new heights.

New advancements in Location Based Services(LBS) means improvement in reliability and accuracy in work that fosters great satisfaction for the consumers. LBS are thus progressively being deployed in mission-crucial applications such as giving emergency services straight to a caller.

Location-based Technologies

What is the Future of Location based Technology?

The upcoming decades is going to see a crucial shift in location based technology. As the data usage and speed increases, networks will continue to increase their cell site density. This will cause the  precision of SIM and LBS to increase greatly.

Location- based services from mobile network operator will be on the same level as GPS. However, it will have the added benefits of working both outdoor and indoor. Such kind of service will not only be great for business enterprises to increase effectiveness and generate income, but also for governments and emergency services to help them to save lives. Altogether, it will substantially boost the online business. The future of location based technology stands to influence everybody’s life in a great way.