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Home > Blog  > Magento Important Security Updates – 31 May 2017

Magento has released new updates to increase the product security and functionalities.

Important releases are

a)     15 security enhancement

b)    Image resizing functionality

c)     Master Card BIN number expansion functionality

1. Security enhancements:

You can see the security updates and patches for Magento for 2.0.14 and 2.1.7 here

2. Image resizing functionality:

From now onward you will get the image resizing functionality  in upgraded versions of Magento.

3. Support for Master Card BIN number expansion:

Master Card has just added the new Bank Identification Number ( BIN). Mostly the Magento versions support the new BIN. But the following versions do not support. So the users of these versions must update or use the patch till 30th June.

a)  Magento Community edition 1.9.X or earlier version

 b) Enterprise Edition 2.1.2 or earlier

c) All Enterprise Edition 2.0.x releases

d) All Enterprise Edition 1.14.2.x releases or earlier