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Did you know that "things" connected to the Internet had exceeded the total count of human beings on earth in 2008? The Internet of Things (IOT) is already connected to billions of things previously unconnected from Internet. In fact, by 2020 this number will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming all the way from IOT. Regardless of these great facts, majority of us reading this post have no idea what Internet of Things is all...

A new revolution has taken up the E-commerce world with the emergence of wearable technology. Once used by the tech savvy clan, wearable technology is now getting into the skin of common man. Also known as fashion electronics and wearable gadgets, wearables are a unique blend of aesthetic accessories and computer processors in the same device. These devices communicate with user's smartphone to give fitness information, simpler access to Apps and notifications in the form of messages. The statistics for wearables comes...