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Do you know that 80% of customers believe that personalization has certain impact on their buying decision? This data is as per the latest report by Teradata. Consumers are always looking for relevant communication and personalized shopping experience. Digital trend, says that 73% of the consumers pick those brands who use personal information to boost their shopping experience. Location based technologies and analytical solutions can assist you to deliver a better customer experience. Location based technologies (LBT) are getting more popular because...

The scope of mobile applications is expanding every day. According to Statista there were about 138, 809 million mobile app downloads in 2014 which is expected to reach a whopping 268.69 billion in 2017. Apps have become an integral part of mobiles which are becoming more personal, more multitasking and smarter which each launch. The facts also bring into the spotlight the reason why businesses are favoring mobile application development. If you think mobile app development is only for big brands, it...