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Online marketing is evolving at a fast pace and marketers around the world are leveraging it to gain maximum conversions.
To get positive results marketers use all possible strategies to increase their online visibility. But sometimes in the effort to get this online visibility they use realistic and unrealistic mediums. Realistic ways certainly turn out to be an asset with time, however, the unrealistic path often takes them in the wrong direction with negative results.

The outcome is generally due to absence of full preparedness for what’s needed to execute a rightful marketing strategy. In such a case the business eventually suffocates, dismantling your chance to flourish. Prevalence of some myths, misconceptions and their execution are creating such scenario.

Today we’ll demystify some deadly myths and bring out some shocking realities. Let’s dive in:-

Myth 1- Online marketing has a prompt effect
The reality- We all know that busilding a relationship with targeted audience is not that swift. In fact, it takes quite some time for quality content to begin yielding results. Marketing is an investment which takes time to bring profits! However, certain marketing tactics can produce instant visible results. You often need enough time to establish a contact with your target audience in order to make them understand who you are and what you can offer to them.

Myth 2- Social Media is a useless platform to target older audience
The reality- According to Pew Research Center, 40% of those aged above 68 years are more engaged on social media. So, it will be a critical mistake if you leave out this age group in your social media marketing.

Myth 3- Email marketing is ineffective practice
The reality- You can easily achieve customers through your email marketing campaign. Especially by integrating your content marketing activities, such as blog posts, articles and videos. If it’s done in the correct way, it strengthens the customer relationship and results in good revenue. If it is not worked out well it will create negative effects.

Myth 4- Marketing on social media platform is absolutely free
The reality- The fact that social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are free (excluding the cost of advertisement) to be used by everyone and anyone has a caveat. You cannot ignore the time and resources one needs to invest in this activity – which do cost money. Social media and inbound marketing need extensive resources to be able to generate that success. When you club inbound marketing and social media you establish a strong relationship with the targeted audiences and strive to make the best in your online business.

Myth 5: A responsive website for small scale business is pointless
The Reality- With extensive rise of mobile users, a responsive website becomes one of the must-have items for your marketing plan. Whatever be the size of your store, a mobile responsive website is a great platform to increase your visibility and reach out to your desired audience. Moreover, a mobile responsive website builds good impression and creates a better user experience. Infact trends in mobile application development show it to be one of the most important strategies to market product these days.

Myth 6: Cheap Prices work really good
The Reality- People go more with brand name rather than the cost of the product. However, even the cost of the product does make a small impact on the buyer’s decision but it cannot outcast brand name. The strategy of a customer while buying a product is “the best product at best price.” So you need to exhibit a quality product to your customers at the best price.