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Years are just passing by. You are getting older day by day. Another year has gone leaving the memories of it had carried through time.Again another year will say adieu us. Did you counted the times? If not let’s count from now. Blogging is now best way to frame your memories and make your each day counted.

Let’s start.

Why should start a blog?

For what are you passionate about? Reading, writing, travelling, developing, playing or what? You can make a blog with anything you love to do and share your thoughts, experiences. Blog is basically self explanation. Spearing out the things you observed, learned at some points of life. But why?

Is not it a great contribution to mankind if can do a favor just by sharing your experiences thought out your life time.If you are a teacher, will you not do a favor just not only limiting your knowledges to your school children only but also to the children of the world. If you are a doctor, will you not do a favor to millions of people just by sharing your health advices. A blog is the digital libraray of your thoughts, your innerfeelings, knowledge and manythings. Rather than dying with the little things you know let’s speard it across the world and create your digital memory through a blog.

How will you start a blog?

First and foremost thing to develop a blog, you will need a server and domain name.

What is a server?

In a nuttshell server is the computer system which will serve your web contents to you and rest of the world.

What is domain name?

Domain name is the name by which your readers will call your site.

Here I am going to explain you the cheapest way you can start a blog.

Bluehost server provides you hosting server with a free domain name and SSL certificate. I will let you know what SSL is later on this topic.


Here click on get started

Select the basic plan.

Now select a new domain.

Now fill your account information.

Make your payment.

Follow the instructions and put the domain URL you purchased. For example:

Go to installation settings and put the Site Name and setup the Admin user name and Admin password.

Now click Install.

You can visit your WordPress Admin area by just writing the URL like:

Theme setup:

Now go to the Appearance tab on left hand side of your WordPress customization tabs. There you will see multiple theme to install. If you want to install new theme then click on Theme tab and it will lead you to install new one.

Now install a theme selecting among the available.

Customize the blog:

Now under the Posts tab you can add your first post. Give the title of your post write the contents of it. Now click on Publish button on right hand site. You are done with the first blog post.


Install WordPress:

Now go to cPanel you will see the WordPress icon as Install WordPress.


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