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Worried about your websites ranking? Give your SEO a reality check!  It might be the time to ditch your bad SEO techniques and adopt cutting edge techniques for never ending traffic to your website.

Techniques and technology change. In terms of getting website rankings on Google, you scrap off techniques which kill your SEO and implement fresh and more robust practices. Search engines (like Google) continuously strive to offer users with the best possible results and for this they need to counter spammers that try to manipulate rankings. This makes it necessary for search engines to upgrade their techniques and algorithms from time to time. These changes may or may not affect you website, depending on the kind of optimization have done for your website.

Bad SEO Techniques

According to the Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin with search engines. So to make the most out of it, you must use the best SEO techniques in the industry and discard all those practices which are killing your websites ranking. You need to be very careful while hiring a SEO company because a bad one can seriously ruin your website. Here is a list of 8 outdated SEO tactics which may be killing your websites ranking.

1. Guest blogging anywhere for links
One of the most favored practices is to make links with guest blogs on various websites. At times, the approach exhibits a spammy look, nothing more than a useless investment for scammy links. Indeed, Google has condemned the practice and asked in their press releases not to follow these links.

2. Optimizing internal links- exceeding the limit’s
Stuffing keywords in an awkward manner into the content looks like a spammer. In fact, the strategy can lead to over-optimization penalty. This doesn’t mean that you can never use keywords for anchor text, just do it in the right amount.

3. Targeting an entire page for a single keyword
The conventional practice involve optimizing a page for a given keyword: selecting a high traffic, low competition keyword, and then including it in your entire content. This process left the system open to gaming. Resulting, low quality sites ranked with high quality sites- because the keywords weren’t used properly.

4. Creating content just for links and links
Google punish those website which manipulate their ranking with link building. If you are over stuffing your content with links it can create problems.

5. Writing your description tags and titles only for the search engines
Including key words in the description tag and title is a conventional method. However, in 2015 it will dump down your website ranking. Therefore, focus on creating attractive page titles and descriptions which bring more eyeballs.

6. Pumping content in heavy amount
Loading your page with content in a heavy amount brings down the speed of your website and looks too much to read.  Instead, stratergise your content in an organized manner to give less but enough content to your readers.

7. Notion: Only Ranking Matter
Although it is important to have a strong search engine presence, it’s pointless to rank for keywords which don’t drive the right traffic in a noteworthy amount. It is useless to have the most favorable ranking, but a handful of customers. Engaging web design plays an essential role in the conversion rate of a website.

8. Blindly copying your competitors
Learning from the competitors is a good aspect of the business. But, blindly copying them gives no guarantee that you will shoot up the search results. It might be possible that your competitors rank well in spite of using some imprudent tactics. Instead of blindly mimicking them, use those things that they are doing well.

Are you still using these SEO techniques?