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A new revolution has taken up the E-commerce world with the emergence of wearable technology. Once used by the tech savvy clan, wearable technology is now getting into the skin of common man.

Also known as fashion electronics and wearable gadgets, wearables are a unique blend of aesthetic accessories and computer processors in the same device. These devices communicate with user’s smartphone to give fitness information, simpler access to Apps and notifications in the form of messages.

The statistics for wearables comes down to these eye popping figures:-

According to the,“Today, wearable technology is a $700 million industry in the form of sports and activity trackers.”  

With growing prospects, the wearable technology has a bright future to offer us.

Business Insiders predicts, “Wearable tech companies could see a growth from 33 million units sold in 2014 to 148 million units sold in 2019.

Wearable adds more value to the E-Commerce landscape. Take for instance the wearable glasses in the market. They have cameras and sensors that can track how many times an employee in a store have to bend to pick up merchandise for managing orders, among many other uses.

Wearable Technology

If you’re a digital marketer or an online retailer it’s time to acknowledge the impact of wearable on e-commerce. Here we analyze the general topography:-

1. Wearables have an instant access to your consumers
Normally for your smartphone it takes 6 seconds to access a notification. On the other hand the wearable gadget like an Apple Watch gives you a gentle tap to look at the display and get instant information.

It has also transformed the search technique, where keywords are eradicated at some point and search phrases have taken a dramatic rise – semantic search is certainly replacing it. A time is not too far when wearable friendly sites will evolve to.

2. Change in the game plan of E-mail  
Regardless of the small size of wearables they assist us in sending a mail. For example the 1.7 inch screen of a smartwatch is approximately a fifth of the size of your standard smartphone. But, still they are entirely equipped to give you facilities of operating your mails.

There are certain wearable smartwatches that work like cell phones -make and receive calls, play music and even check your emails. It can be a very handy tool to regularly update your customers with the price changes, market your product with ads that works as an endeavor to catch their attention and keep you at the top of mind always.

3. Geo-targeting
With the infiltration of wearable technology in our lives, people will be able to straightaway walk into the store and have personalized notifications sent to them based on exact Geo-targeting. The personalized notification will also be based on your shopping habits. This will create an extremely personal buying experience.

For retailers as part of in-store special beneficial features, they will be able to store payment information, past purchases, buying habits, wish lists, etc. Indeed, marketing scholars believe that wearables have proximity sensors that will enable computers to pull data from a wearable tech the moment it’s in the range.

4. Download e-Commerce Application  
Wearables enable you to check your applications and notifications quicker. Today, the market is equipped with such wearables that enable you to download third party compatible apps, E-Commerce application and much more. In fact, they serve as an e-Commerce notification tool that will notify you with location-based discounts and offers.

By the prevalence of wearables in the market today, online retailers have got a new tool to make the maximum out of their business. In the upcoming times this technology will evolve to a greater extent. Certainly it has something big for the e-commerce landscape!