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About 39% of the developers spend time developing the same application for multiple platforms. Are you one of them?

The rising demand of iOS, Windows and Android based devices has made it important for developers to code applications for several devices. However, developing the same applications several times results in wastage of money and time for the developers.

This problem is addressed by using multiple app development frameworks. Among these frameworks, PhoneGap stands out to be the most popular player of the market. It is a bliss for both programmers, wanting to speed up the development of cross-platform mobile application and business owners looking for business success through mobile application.

The Phonegap App is a matchless app development platform which runs on a native app (headless browser) and enables you to use HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and all other frameworks (Sencha, jQuery Mobile, etc.) Being free of cost, it is open source to build hybrid apps. Along with that it is used by several mobile application platforms like work lights, ViziApps and appMobi Convertigo as the spine of their motor development of mobile clients.

Now, if you are a business owner, the very first question that strikes you is – What benefit it serves me? Indeed! an obvious question…

Today, market posses multiple platforms for mobile application development and how can we ignore the building rage of Android, Windows and iPhone users. Thus, it obvious for a marketer to wish to feature his app on all the mobile application platforms. Investing individually on all 3 native apps and not to miss out the desktop version is a bad option as it will be very costly. PhoneGap supports you here being a savior in this situation, offering benefits to everybody.


Retailer Benefit

PhoneGap works with a motif of getting build once and then getting deployed everywhere. This framework creates an app only once and thereafter by making certain adjustments, it works smoothly on all the other platforms. Apparently, saving a lot of time, money and a lot of extra effort. Specifically, the time which could have been wasted in developing the same application on various platforms.

Programmers Benefit

PhoneGap brings new scope for proficient programmer of CSS, HTML5 and JavaScipt. You can create native mobile app using the web technologies that you are proficient at. Not to miss out, application that is developed using them are hybrid applications. Parts of the application- chiefly the UI, the application logic, and communication with a server is based on JavaScript/HTML. Other part of the application which controls and communicates through the device (smartphone or tablet) is based on the native language for that platform.

In this situation, PhoneGap acts as a bridge between the world of JavaScript and the native world of the platform, thereby, enabling the JavaScript API to access and control the device (tablet or phone).

Other benefits of using PhoneGap

  • Companies that follow standard based approach, for them PhoneGap becomes the perfect choice as it balances the cross-platform reach and gives an engaging user-experience.
  • The APIs of PhoneGap for evaluating device features are sturdy applications that provide various mobile device capabilities such as accelerometer, address book, camera and much more.
  • PhoneGap’s extensive architecture enables the enterprises to use the entire potential of the mobile device.
  • Toolkit of JavaScript like Angular.js, Backbone.js, Node.js, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch or Dojox mobile and much more. As a number of organizations already have in house JavaScript/HTML expertise, it becomes easy for them to utilize their skills in the most cost effective manner to develop applications which can run on various mobile devices.

Indeed, PhoneGap is a matchless mobile application development framework which posses unsurpassed benefits for both programmer and business owners. Working as the best of the both worlds. Particularly for projects which focus on a speedy development along with cross platform support, PhoneGap is an amazing tool. Beyond technology, PhoneGap is a vibrant project, supported by a large community that passionately works to fabricate the technology with tutorials, enhancements, and examples.