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Digital marketing: Taking Your Web Business Beyond Internet Marketing

A new approach to marketing and branding

Digital Marketing is a new approach to marketing with better understanding of customer behavior. It is a way of promoting products and services and establish communicate with customers by making use of digital one-to-one marketing.

At Browsewire, we understand that marketing is a digital process which can translate your business desires into technology-mediated realities. Advertising and promotion is no longer confined to traditional media channels like radio, television and print, as more of the world is moving online. In digital marketing, the main connecting media are emails, blogs, social networking posts, tweet and the list is long.

Why Digital marketing needs to be part of your business plan?

It took radio three decades before it hit 50 million users. It took 13 long years for TV to hit the viewers and Internet took four years to gain popularity. But in the year 2010, Facebook added 50 million users in a period of two months after its inception. You can see the amount of traction gained over the past years. Online environment is conducive to flourish your business by promoting your products, services and brand image. About 80% of people would surf the Internet for everything from shopping, research, jobs and socializing. So why not look for your customers where they are everyday- Online. Plus the results are way more traceable as compared to traditional advertising.

Below listed viewpoints can throw more light on how digital marketing strategy is beneficial for your business

The Push and Pull Digital marketing

A company can gain more reliable and greater returns from pull strategy for boosting the PR of a website. You must not push your advertisements and promotional messages to your audience. Instead, embrace a pull strategy to attract your desired audience to you. Moreover pull PR creates right kind of web popularity, as the relationship established with your customers will be based on permission, rather than thrust.

Two-way Communication

Digital marketing is a two-way communication channel of advertising through Internet where customers can interact with customers. Digital media marketing experts go the extra mile to explore personal devices like mobile phones to market products and services.

The cost factor

Advertising through YouTube videos, Facebook posts or Twitter tweets helps you connect with millions of Internet users at almost zero cost. If you digital marketing message is good enough, it will spread like a wildfire on the virtual world of Internet.

Digital messages last long

Internet Marketing allows you to rank your website high on all the major search engines by drawing Internet crawlers and visitors to your webpage. The messages sent by you over the Internet can be viewed by people for years and if they are appealing, people will forward them to their friends.

Growing your business without marketing is like wishing to see a sapling grow without watering it. Internet has become the medium of marketing your products as well as services. Off-line marketing initiatives are no longer in vogue. You can start bringing in those new customers and sales leads via Internet Marketing. Listed below are the key components of Internet marketing

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Ad/ Banner Placements
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing

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