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Web Designing Services

Our user experienced designers take good care of the overall impression, feelings and interactions that a customer experiences while operating your website.

User Experience Designs: Experience Quality Interaction

Good User Experience means Good Business

Your Website gets only ten seconds or less to inform, influence and involve the visitor to explore your products and services. A strong web presence is the first point of contact between businesses and their prospective clients. At Browsewire, we build online presence through web designs that are aesthetic and interactive. Our eye-catching custom Website designs are a perfect blend of creativity and technology. We can help you make your website an asset for your Business rather than an expense. Do not let your website fade away in utter anonymity.

Steve Jobs says, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”.

We create highly involving website designs and structures, leading to maximize usability.
We design a user interface structure that satisfies your business strategy as well as user experience strategy. User experience is the quality of experience a person has, while browsing a website. It is a user-centered design process which aims at generating greater customer satisfaction and increased revenues. Though our user experience designers use latest technologies to help our clients achieve their business goals, the aim is to help and not to make great technology.

Jared Spool, the founding principal and CEO at User Interface Engineering (UIE), the world’s largest usability research firm, opines that most of the businesses have a misconception that “a good experience design is an add-on, not a base requirement”. User experience designs create personal value. We judge our level of success based on the happiness of our clients and not by the ROI we generate.

Websites are no longer a one-way static medium of sharing information about a product or a service. It has evolved into a very rich and interactive experience, with advancement in technologies and methodologies. But the success of a website still depends on just one thing- How users perceive it. While going through a website a lot of questions run through a visitor’s mind. For instance- Does it give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use? These questions may sound trivial, but they become the deciding factors of the user’s decisions on whether to become a regular user.

Our User Experience designers strive to make the user answer “Yes” to all those questions. At Browsewire, we create user-centered designs which make the user feel comfortable and benefited when interfacing with them. For instance, studying the checkout process of an e-commerce website to see whether users find the process of buying products easy and pleasant. It comprises of not only studying systems but sub-systems, like making sure that the user experience is easy and pleasant while filling out input fields in a “contact us” form.

The online face of your business must be unique, just like your business. A user won’t stay on a website for more than three seconds, unless there is something on it that grabs attention. Our user experienced designers will take care of overall impression, feelings and interactions that a customer has while operating your website. While creating a user experience design our designers keep in mind the technology interactions of your website, primarily with mobile device applications, web sites and web applications.

The key elements that we address while making a user experience design:

  • Accuracy in the presentation of information
  • Pleasing appearance of the interface
  • Understanding of information and features
  • Unceasing flow of interactions

Below listed are a few things that would keep the viewer (who can be your potential customer) on your website for long.

Clear messaging:We create attractive layouts that are easy on the eyes. A good website design would speak about your business in an effective manner. The color scheme should not contain more than two or three colors, which will set a proper tone for your business.

Easy navigation: We make sure that navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand by your target audience. A site map or an index is a necessity if you ask us to create a large website. Minimal Interface and page layout facilitates ease of access to your site.

Usability: Do you know that you may lose more than half of your potential customers, if your web page takes more than 20 seconds to load? Your visitors are always in a hurry. Long link text is search engine friendly and back links keep visitors from getting lost while navigating through your website. We know how to keep your website simple and yet well organized. As they say- Keep it simple silly.

Our web design services:

  • PSD to XHTML Conversion
  • Div-based websites
  • Custom website designing
  • Business web designing
  • Template Designs
  • Web 2.0 based design
  • Website redesigning
  • E-commerce web designs
  • Logo designing
  • Facebook page designing

We don’t just create a business oriented website, but also work out the navigational issues, so that your customers may find the information they are looking for. We make sure that your website can be viewed well on a tiny cell phone, on a slow Internet connection, or on an obscure computer system. Our experienced web designers have successfully delivered pixel perfect designs, which do not just grab attention of viewers but also convert a one time visitor into a customer.


Client Speak

"They were pleasure to work with. Their quality of work was excellent and clearly a Magneto expert. In addition I found them a very pleasant and accommodating to work with. They will be my first choice for ecommerce projects in the future." ----Oliver Hayns
"I am amazed every single time at how they can take my explanation of my need and convert it to the end product. These guys have been spot on and get it done very quickly. I have been use to waiting two weeks for anything to get done and some more difficult things took even longer than that with my local web guy, but these guys turn around what I ...
" In a project where requirements were altered a number of times, team did these well and met all the challenges. Communication was pretty good and we only had relatively minor misunderstandings. I would use them again for further projects. " ----David Harrison
"I have used many developers on Odesk before, some have been good and others have been poor. Browsewire team was excellent! I will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks again for your hard work. " --Julia Reed
" Satyam is responsible and hard-working developer. She is good in understanding, communication. She could do what I asked her. I recommend her for any further employers." Zaur
Certain websites require more of usual designing approach. So when it comes to design an e-Commerce website it requires more innovative and artistic flare. When Cigars-Now came to us, we were confident to design an entirely new online website based on PHP and OsCommerce. Our focus was on creating full ranging shopping cart for all products and a...


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