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Is Your Online Store Slow? Find Out The Reasons Why?

Written by admin on . Posted in Blog

“The Internet” is all about speed!

When it comes to E-Commerce segment, which makes a major chunk of the world wide web, speed is something that makes a big difference. Going by Amazon’s reports, there is an increase of 1% in Amazon’s revenue for every millisecond drop in the loading time.

You may have a good website but if it doesn’t focus on the speed it won’t entertain your consumers and in return they won’t entertain you. If you want your e-commerce store to convert well, design it with duo targets of users experience and website speed.

Why Increased Page Load Time Drastically Affects your Website Conversion?

Speed is a crucial aspect for the success of online store. The loading speed of your online store can severely affect your users experience, their purchasing decision and your conversion rates. The most suitable example for this would be you yourself. After all, how many times did you stay on a website that seems too lazy on its loading speed? Experts believe that “it is a one is to four ratio of people who leave your website if it takes more than four seconds to load.”

Big story short- Minimum loading speed of a site can substantially improve user experience.  

Google uses a multitude of elements to determine the ranking of search engine results. Speed is one of the indicators used by its algorithm to rank pages. Research has exhibited that Google is particularly measuring time to first byte as when it considers page loading speed. Furthermore, a slow speed website crawl fewer pages from the assigned crawl budget, and this may create a negative impact on your indexation.

website speed

What advances the Decline in Page Loading Time for your Website?

Following are the factors which cause a decline in the page loading time of your website:

  1. Images that not optimized correctly- Images not optimized correctly critically affects 90% of the websites in the Alexa 1000.
  2. Pages overloaded with Plugins/ Widgets - This is especially seen in the Plugins related to photos or videos.
  3. Unfriendly Browsers and Apps - Some browsers and Apps don’t always play good with plugins.
  4. Overloaded Ads - A website overloaded with ads directly affects the speed of the website.
  5. Heavy Code - All kinds of heavy codes add to make your site clumsy.
  6. Bulky Design Theme - Some designs might be quite appealing to the eyes but their size can be turn off for speed.
  7. Externally Emerged Media - Videos or slideshows may be valuable content, but they can also increase the loading time. So be caution!

According to a online marketing expert: “The time span a visitor spends on your website is ‘directly proportional’ to the performance of the website. If the performance sinks, the visitor time span decreases and if performance goes up, the visitors enjoy spending more time on your website.” Therefore, to increase the visitor’s time span focus on the speed of the website.

5 Ways in Which Internet of Things will Transform E-Commerce

Written by admin on . Posted in Blog

Did you know that “things” connected to the Internet had exceeded the total count of human beings on earth in 2008?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is already connected to billions of things previously unconnected from Internet. In fact, by 2020 this number will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in profits and cost savings coming all the way from IOT.

Regardless of these great facts, majority of us reading this post have no idea what Internet of Things is all about?

No problem! Lets know things better

According to Wikipedia: “The Internet of Things (IOT, sometimes know as Internet of Everything) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.”

Internet of things is going to transfigure the world around and create a smarter planet. It will infuse us with new opportunities which will be limitless. For instance, you’ll be able to easily track a Rihno somewhere in the deep wilds of Africa with an “Ankle Bracelet” (one of the thing of internet that provides data related to rihno’s geo-location and movement.)

The efficiency of IOT will range from collecting any amount of data and analyzing how to use it for advancing autonomous vehicles and everything in the path. Particularly in the field of E-Commerce it will do some eye popping changes. Here are 5 ways in which Internet of Things will be transforming E-Commerce topography. Internet of things

Internet of things


1. Optimizing inventory to increase sales

With the IOT based on location-aware sensors we will communicate with a cloud-based server to the retailer’s data center. This will enable a retailer to analyze seasonal, regional and other minute trends in a timely manner.
Retailers can then analyze sales data across all channels and correlated it in real-time with respect to leading indicators of demand (ex. extreme weather conditions, or fashion-trend comments on social media channels) to anticipate proper stock levels by style and location.

2. Location Based Technology to capture more customers
IOT will boost the loyalty program of an e-commerce website. Retailers will be able to send pop ups related to new arrivals, offers, discounts and clearance sale. This works as a magnate, and more shoppers are enticed to enter your nearest store, thereby amplifying the chances of converting a visitor into a consumer.

3. Increases omni-channel sales
The probability of availability at different stores may vary. In some cases it is possible that certain sized item may not be available at the online store or you want it urgently, omni-channel resources will take you right to the nearest physical store where your size is available. Suppose, you can’t go to the store, the retailer’s app partakes the responsibility to get it on your doorstep in the quickest possible time.

4. Strengthening Retailer’s control: Sales and Product Management
The impact of IOT will substantially harness the management of production, inventory, supply chain and logistics for retailers. However, the results are already celebrated by the big companies like Amazon and Walmart. The upcoming years will take IOT sales and Product Management to an absolute different level.

5. Advance Real-Time Analytics
As physical stores go digital, the possibilities are limitless. With the IOT- the apps and website- more and more retailers are able to track their users’ behavior towards the store, thereby tailoring marketing and customer experiences to improve efficiency. The new technologies have a clear motive to efficiently balance data and privacy to effectively implement an analytics platform in the E-commerce topography.

The impact of Wearable Devices on E-commerce

Written by admin on . Posted in Blog

A new revolution has taken up the E-commerce world with the emergence of wearable technology. Once used by the tech savvy clan, wearable technology is now getting into the skin of common man.

Also known as fashion electronics and wearable gadgets, wearables are a unique blend of aesthetic accessories and computer processors in the same device. These devices communicate with user’s smartphone to give fitness information, simpler access to Apps and notifications in the form of messages.

The statistics for wearables comes down to these eye popping figures:-

According to the toptenreviews.com,“Today, wearable technology is a $700 million industry in the form of sports and activity trackers.”  

With growing prospects, the wearable technology has a bright future to offer us.

Business Insiders predicts, “Wearable tech companies could see a growth from 33 million units sold in 2014 to 148 million units sold in 2019.

Wearable adds more value to the E-Commerce landscape. Take for instance the wearable glasses in the market. They have cameras and sensors that can track how many times an employee in a store have to bend to pick up merchandise for managing orders, among many other uses.

Wearable Technology

If you’re a digital marketer or an online retailer it’s time to acknowledge the impact of wearable on e-commerce. Here we analyze the general topography:-

1. Wearables have an instant access to your consumers
Normally for your smartphone it takes 6 seconds to access a notification. On the other hand the wearable gadget like an Apple Watch gives you a gentle tap to look at the display and get instant information.

It has also transformed the search technique, where keywords are eradicated at some point and search phrases have taken a dramatic rise – semantic search is certainly replacing it. A time is not too far when wearable friendly sites will evolve to.

2. Change in the game plan of E-mail  
Regardless of the small size of wearables they assist us in sending a mail. For example the 1.7 inch screen of a smartwatch is approximately a fifth of the size of your standard smartphone. But, still they are entirely equipped to give you facilities of operating your mails.

There are certain wearable smartwatches that work like cell phones -make and receive calls, play music and even check your emails. It can be a very handy tool to regularly update your customers with the price changes, market your product with ads that works as an endeavor to catch their attention and keep you at the top of mind always.

3. Geo-targeting
With the infiltration of wearable technology in our lives, people will be able to straightaway walk into the store and have personalized notifications sent to them based on exact Geo-targeting. The personalized notification will also be based on your shopping habits. This will create an extremely personal buying experience.

For retailers as part of in-store special beneficial features, they will be able to store payment information, past purchases, buying habits, wish lists, etc. Indeed, marketing scholars believe that wearables have proximity sensors that will enable computers to pull data from a wearable tech the moment it’s in the range.

4. Download e-Commerce Application  
Wearables enable you to check your applications and notifications quicker. Today, the market is equipped with such wearables that enable you to download third party compatible apps, E-Commerce application and much more. In fact, they serve as an e-Commerce notification tool that will notify you with location-based discounts and offers.

By the prevalence of wearables in the market today, online retailers have got a new tool to make the maximum out of their business. In the upcoming times this technology will evolve to a greater extent. Certainly it has something big for the e-commerce landscape!

6 Online Marketing Myth And The Shocking Reality

Written by admin on . Posted in Blog

Online marketing is evolving at a fast pace and marketers around the world are leveraging it to gain maximum conversions.
To get positive results marketers use all possible strategies to increase their online visibility. But sometimes in the effort to get this online visibility they use realistic and unrealistic mediums. Realistic ways certainly turn out to be an asset with time, however, the unrealistic path often takes them in the wrong direction with negative results.

myth vs reality

The outcome is generally due to absence of full preparedness for what’s needed to execute a rightful marketing strategy. In such a case the business eventually suffocates, dismantling your chance to flourish. Prevalence of some myths, misconceptions and their execution are creating such scenario.

Today we’ll demystify some deadly myths and bring out some shocking realities. Let’s dive in:-

Myth 1- Online marketing has a prompt effect
The reality- We all know that busilding a relationship with targeted audience is not that swift. In fact, it takes quite some time for quality content to begin yielding results. Marketing is an investment which takes time to bring profits! However, certain marketing tactics can produce instant visible results. You often need enough time to establish a contact with your target audience in order to make them understand who you are and what you can offer to them.

Myth 2- Social Media is a useless platform to target older audience
The reality- According to Pew Research Center, 40% of those aged above 68 years are more engaged on social media. So, it will be a critical mistake if you leave out this age group in your social media marketing.

Myth 3- Email marketing is ineffective practice
The reality- You can easily achieve customers through your email marketing campaign. Especially by integrating your content marketing activities, such as blog posts, articles and videos. If it’s done in the correct way, it strengthens the customer relationship and results in good revenue. If it is not worked out well it will create negative effects.

Myth 4- Marketing on social media platform is absolutely free
The reality- The fact that social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are free (excluding the cost of advertisement) to be used by everyone and anyone has a caveat. You cannot ignore the time and resources one needs to invest in this activity – which do cost money. Social media and inbound marketing need extensive resources to be able to generate that success. When you club inbound marketing and social media you establish a strong relationship with the targeted audiences and strive to make the best in your online business.

Myth 5: A responsive website for small scale business is pointless
The Reality- With extensive rise of mobile users, a responsive website becomes one of the must-have items for your marketing plan. Whatever be the size of your store, a mobile responsive website is a great platform to increase your visibility and reach out to your desired audience. Moreover, a mobile responsive website builds good impression and creates a better user experience. Infact trends in mobile application development show it to be one of the most important strategies to market product these days.

Myth 6: Cheap Prices work really good
The Reality- People go more with brand name rather than the cost of the product. However, even the cost of the product does make a small impact on the buyer’s decision but it cannot outcast brand name. The strategy of a customer while buying a product is “the best product at best price.” So you need to exhibit a quality product to your customers at the best price.

How Location-Based Technologies are Enhancing Customer Experience?

Written by admin on . Posted in Blog

Do you know that 80% of customers believe that personalization has certain impact on their buying decision? This data is as per the latest report by Teradata.

Consumers are always looking for relevant communication and personalized shopping experience. Digital trend, says that 73% of the consumers pick those brands who use personal information to boost their shopping experience. Location based technologies and analytical solutions can assist you to deliver a better customer experience.

Location based technologies (LBT) are getting more popular because they are targeted to a more focused group, with a local appeal. However, the growing market for location based technology generates numerous opportunities for the consumers.

For instance you went to your favorite store to purchase an item. You didn’t have to search much because all the details were buzzing in your phone. And to make things perfect you could dodge the long que because the amount got deducted automatically from your account based on the card details you had saved last time with the store. Doesn’t this simplify things for you, increasing the overall customer experience. All this was achieved through location-based technology in the store.

We are fast moving towards commercialization and retailers are going digital to build a better and more loyal customer base. According to a recent report published in internetretailer.com, today, 74% of smartphone users use a location-based service.

The demand for faster connectivity indicates that people are looking for stronger networks that helps them connect in a more intuitive manner with their needs. As today LBS are used in numerous kind of settings such as indoor object search, entertainment, work, personal life, health, etc., the expectations are high that it will reach new heights.

New advancements in Location Based Services(LBS) means improvement in reliability and accuracy in work that fosters great satisfaction for the consumers. LBS are thus progressively being deployed in mission-crucial applications such as giving emergency services straight to a caller.

Location-based Technologies

What is the Future of Location based Technology?

The upcoming decades is going to see a crucial shift in location based technology. As the data usage and speed increases, networks will continue to increase their cell site density. This will cause the  precision of SIM and LBS to increase greatly.

Location- based services from mobile network operator will be on the same level as GPS. However, it will have the added benefits of working both outdoor and indoor. Such kind of service will not only be great for business enterprises to increase effectiveness and generate income, but also for governments and emergency services to help them to save lives. Altogether, it will substantially boost the online business. The future of location based technology stands to influence everybody’s life in a great way.

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